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Antique table with inlayed top

This table came into the workshop in quite a poor state. There were various pieces of inlay and veneer missing, there was also a big split in the top. The polish was bleached and perished – especially on the top. A full restoration was carried out and the table has been returned to its former glory.

After restoration
Top before restoration

Ebony & Ivory Jewellery Box Restoration

We have just restored this unusual Jewellery box. Decorated with ebony inset with ivory, framing porcupine quills. One section of ebony was missing and many of ivory dots also needed to be replaced. As were sections of the porcupine decoration. Once the box was assembled back together the new quills were coloured to match the original (which had been cleaned). Final touches included recover the interior with new baize and polish the ebony.

Completed box
Completed box interior
Outside prior to restoration
Completed inside
Inside before restoration

German antique chest of drawers

We have just completed the restoration of this lovely chest of drawers. The top was bowed, preventing the top drawer from closing and there was damage to the top moulding. Various pieces of veneer were also missing and there were scratches and chips especially on the front carcass. Once the top was flattened and other repairs carried out we revived the original finish and returned the chest to its former glory.

Restored chest of drawers
Before photo showing bow in top
Before photo showing damage to top moulding and missing veneer
After restoration photo

Mahogany dining chair

We have recently restored this dining chair (part of a set). It had been left outside for sometime and the sunshine and weather had taken all the colour and polish out of the woodwork. We have been able to return it to its former glory and a new cane seat completed the project.

Chair left out in the weather….
Restored chair

Quality chest of drawers

We have recently completed the restoration of two quality items of furniture. The first (see below) is a lovely mahogany chest of drawers dating from the early 19th century. It has reeded columns and a bow front. We revived the original polish keeping the lovely colour, removing various water marks on the top and front.

The second is a walnut cabinet (see below) part of a bedroom set. Dating form the Edwardian period, with ‘D’ section moulding on the front. Once again we revived the original finish, keeping its lovely colour, ready for years more use.

Padauk dressing table restoration

This lovely dressing table, dating from the early 19th century, came into the workshop with faded polish and some water damage. Once cleaned and re-polished the true beauty of the timber shines through and the result is quite a transformation. Once cleaned it became apparent that the timber was padauk making this item quite rare.

Watch cases and small boxes

Boxes come in all shapes and sizes and we have recently restored two small cases. The first was a case for a small clock, the silk on the underneath of the top and coverings over the hinges were damaged. The bottom of the inside was also very dirty and this was also replaced with silk velvet (as per the original). In order to carry out the repairs we had to remove all the inner lining in order to get to the sections that were damaged. The result was a neat tidy repair with the original Harrods logo on the back kept intact. See below –

The second was a case for a pocket watch where the back of the case had been damaged. We re-secured the hinge and patched a replacement piece of leather to cover it. See below –

Box and barometer restoration

We find ourselves at the start of another year and I thought I’d share a couple of pieces that we completed just before the end of last year. The first is a simple but lovely barometer which we re-polished and brought back to life. The second was a gorgeous jewellery/dressing box, with all the original bottles in tact. These boxes are always a joy to work on and beautiful to look at!

Antique box restoration

Over the past few years we have been steadily gaining a reputation for our work restoring quality boxes. We have been lucky to work on some superb examples which are detailed and shown below. Boxes come in all shapes and sizes and, indeed, materials. Many of the boxes we work on are coromandel veneer with brass inlay, which look particularly beautiful when polished. We also work on tortoiseshell and leather covered boxes. One of the most interesting projects we have undertaken was the re-fitting of the interior of a coromandel jewellery box, with personalised embroidery. Further details of this and other projects with photos can be found below. We can also source replacement keys for the locks, which are often Bramah locks and difficult to repair. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can restore your boxes to their former glory.

Shown below are two photos of a superb coromandel dressing box complete with its original interior, including glass bottles etc. The interior required little attention however the outer surface was dull and had water marks. This was re-polished using shellac/French polish, bringing the box back to life.

Below are a couple of photos of a gorgeous ‘Aspray’ coromandel box. This came to us with the interior completely missing. After doing some research we were able to re-construct the interior as it would have been. The drawers were made from solid mahogany veneered with coromandel to the front and satinwood on the sides. The interior sections were lined with velvet and moire silk. We had small handles made for the drawers which were miniature versions of the larger handles on the sides of the box. This was a particularly complex project and the client was very happy with the result.


Below are photos of a creative project we worked on which involved fitting bespoke embroidered velvet into the interior of a coromandel box. The client wanted the interior to tell a story (based on the work of Roald Dahl) and she designed the embroidery herself. We repaired the interior sections (parts were missing) and re-polished the outside using shellac/French polish. Finally we carefully installed the new embroidery and the results were stunning, a contemporary interior complementing the antique box.

Below are a couple of photos of a tortoiseshell box we restored. We replaced several pieces of missing tortoiseshell and carefully cleaned and polished the outside. The interior was in poor condition, so this was lined with velvet as the client wanted to use it for small items of jewellery. 

Finally, we have a couple of photos of a replica of a ministerial style ‘red box’ that we restored for a client. The outside of the box was in a poor state of repair with very little of the original leather left in place. Working to a design provided by the client we repaired and re-covered the box with leather, complete with the appropriate tooling and lettering. A unique and interesting project to work on.

Burr walnut wardrobe restoration

We have just completed the restoration of this gorgeous burr walnut wardrobe. There was a split down the length of the right hand door and the original polish was very faded and had a ‘dry’ look. Repaired and re-polished the wardrobe has now been returned to its former glory.

Re-finished burr walnut wardrobe