Furniture Restoration

We specialise in the restoration of antique furniture. Refinishing, gilding restoration, cane furniture repair, marquetry restoration, french polishing, traditional reupholstery, sympathetic repairs and conservation of antique furniture.


Cabinet repairs: We undertake a wide variety of cabinet repairs from the major reconstruction of damaged items to minor repairs which can sometimes be carried out in situ. Repair work can include re-securing loose joints, rebuilding damaged or missing sections, veneer work, marquetry and inlay work. If reconstruction is required old timber is used wherever possible.


Polishing: The greatest of care is taken when polishing items of furniture. We aim to conserve the existing finish and would only consider stripping a finish as a last resort. We can often remove minor scratches and marks and apply wax polish in situ at your home or commercial premises.

Gilding Restoration: We offer a specialist gilding restoration service of gilt picture frames and furniture. We use traditional methods and materials and work to retain the authenticity of the piece wherever possible.

We aim to consolidate as many loose pieces as we can and carefully clean the item if required. Sometimes old repairs, which have involved using paint and not gold, will need attention as they can detract from the overall look. We can also replace missing sections using traditional materials.

Finally, once the gold leaf has been applied, we can tone and distress the new gold to match the colour of the surrounding original leaf. 

Glass and metal repair and key cutting service: We can repair, copy or replace handles, castors and locks etc. and can source replacement antique or replica glass. We also offer a key cutting service using replica key blanks.

Re-Caning: This is carried out in-house to the highest standard. We can undertake both blind and french caning.

Traditional upholstery: We work closely with local upholsterers who are able to work on both traditional and modern upholstery.

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Replacement desk leather service: This is carried out in-house and we are able to provide and fit quality leathers for both antique and modern furniture.

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Clock Cases, Barometers and Movements: We are experienced in the restoration of all types of cases and work closely with a local clock repairer who can restore the movements to the highest standard.

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